Welcome to our new website

Currently we are setting up a Naionra, an Irish language Nursery School.  Please call or text us and we will mail or email you our brochure which contains more details.  We are a community based organization, Biorra le Gaelige is a group set up to promote the use of Irish in Birr.

Our Mission

  1. Naíonra in Birr September 2011
  2. Campa Samhraidh in Birr Summer 2011
  3. Gaelscoil in Birr Spetember 2012

We believe it is important to foster Irish among our young people so we will open a Naoínra in September 2011, Campa Samhraidh July 2011 and a Gaelscoil in September 2012. We are interested in all aspects of Irish culture and all activities as Gaeilige so please let us know about any up coming events we might be interested in.

We welcome everyone to join us.

Bi-Lingual Learning

Academic research and day to day experience has confirmed that the best way for a child to learn a new language is to acquire it naturally and at their own pace by listening, understanding, isolating words and structures and eventually producing words, phrases and sentences. The benefit of total immersion in Irish during some or all of these activities can be quickly seen. From the first day at the Naoínra the child accepts Irish as a natural part of their environment. Everyone, however, can contribute to the development of a child’s appreciation of Irish, by using words, phrases and songs throughout the day regardless of what language is the dominant language of the family. There is no requirement that the parents be Irish speakers. Research suggests that when a child learns a second language as a young child it is not only easier to acquire fluency in the leant language but sets the brains learning ability to more easily acquire other languages at a later stage in their education.

Company Profile

Biorra le Gaeilge is a limited liability company, with the intention to be set up as a not for profit community organization.

Contact Information

Please call Stella or email us at the address below.

Telephone: 085 711 2211
Fax:  0865 8236451
Postal Address:  Unit 1, Green St.,  Birr, Co. Offaly
Email:   eolas@biorralegaeilge.com